Prayer flags cover a bridge leading across a river to Stok monastery, Ladakh

Buddhist Monasteries

Buddhist monasteries in Ladkah, India

Ladakh is located in India's most northern state, Jammu & Kashmir. Ladakh is a mountainous region which includes parts of both the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges. The population mostly live at an altitude of between 8,000ft and 14,000ft. These images focus on the Buddhist monasteries found throughout the landscape.

A line of bowls for tsampa, Ladakh Young boy serves tea during Puja, Ladakh Young boys reading during Puja, Ladakh

Ladakhi Landscape

Ladakh has some incredible mountain views, and the locations of some of the monasteries is astoundingly beautiful.

Monks of Ladakh

A series of portraits of buddhist monks I met while visiting the monasteries of Ladakh.

Inside the Monasteries

The prayer rooms of Ladakhi monasteries are outstandingly beautiful. Butter lamps, statues, documents & artifacts all adorn the walls and shelves.

Gold prayer wheels at Stok monastery, Ladakh Mountain skyline in Ladakh Prayer flags covering a hillside with mountains in the background, Ladakh

Dosmoche Festival

Dosmoche festival is celebrated annually at Likir monastery. The monastery is filled with onlookers watching Lamas dressed in elaborate outfits & masks perform cham dances to the sound of drums and various other percussion instruments.

Musicians at dosmoche festival, Ladakh Young monk with a yelow hat among a crowd at Dosmoche festival, Ladakh Monks watch the cham dances from the side, Ladakh Masked cham dance at Dosmoche festival, Ladakh A monk watches the dances during dosmoche festival, Ladakh Masked cham dance at Dosmoche festival, Ladakh A young boy putting a costume on for Dosmoche festival, Ladakh A costume wearing monk begins his dance during Dosmoche festival, Ladakh A view from above of the dances during Dosmoche festival, Ladakh A monk prepares his costume during Dosmoche festival, Ladakh A monk in costume prepares to perform at Dosmoche festival, Ladakh Colourful costumes at Dosmoche festival, Ladakh
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