Big waves over Dore Holm near Eshaness, Shetland

Shetland Landscapes

"Shetland has an amazing quality of light, especially in Winter"

Scenic landscapes are not hard to come by in Shetland. The coastline, hills, lochs and even the towns and villages can have a wonderful aesthetic. These landscapes are all enhanced by the quality of light you experience at 60° north, especially in Winter when the sun is very low in the sky.
I find Shetland's coastal scenery immensely dramatic. There are over 1000 miles of coastline, and much of this is very exposed to the harshest of elements. Such conditions have created some stunning rock formations and dramatic cliffscapes.

A natural arch in the cliffs at the Point of Stakka, Houssness, Shetland Cliffs at Westerwick, Shetland Sun shining through the clouds at Sumburgh Head, Shetland


Hundreds of beaches can be found strewn along the coastline of Shetland. There is a plenitude of sandy & rocky beaches, including some fantastic examples of tombolo beaches which connect islands to the mainland by a sandy or rocky bar.

View of Lang Ayre beach, Shetland Small beach at St Ninian's Waves approaching quendale beach, Shetland Two tombolo beaches - South and North Ayre, Shetland Sun setting over St Ninian's Isle, Shetland Rocky beach at Minn, Shetland

Stormy Seas

Wind speeds of over 100mph have been known to hit Shetland, and very large waves are a common sight along the coast. Even big swell from the Atlantic Ocean can often produce some dramatic scenes along the west coast of the isles.

Beautiful Light

The difference in hours of daylight in winter and summer is massive. In summer it stays light until late at night, yet in winter there can be less than 6 hours of daylight. Both times of year however can allow for some amazing scenery to be experienced. Dreich weather is however also a major part of Shetland, grey and dull days are plentiful.

Rugged Coastline

Sheer cliffs, natural arches, caves and sea stacks are all common along the coast of Shetland.

Sunset over St Ninian's Isle, Shetland Stormy sunset, Foula Sunlight breaking through the clouds over lerwick harbour, Shetland
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