A baker stacks butteries on shelves. Waas bakery, Shetland

Waas Bakery

"Fresh bread made using natural ingredients"

Waas bakery is located in the village of Walls(Waas) in the westside of Shetland. They produce a wide range of fresh bread, cakes, biscuits & pastries. The bakery has recently bought by an American entrepreneur, Bruce Gilardi, who has a vision to create premium products that use natural, and where possible, locally sourced ingredients.

A baker checks the bread in the oven. Waas bakery, Shetland A baker flours bread rolls, Waas bakery, Shetland A baker ices cakes at Waas Bakery, Shetland

Making Fresh Bread

Freshly baked breads are one of the main products the bakery is producing. When I arrived at 3.30am Bruce had already begun to prepare the day's breads. The dough is made the day before, and then left to proof. In the morning the dough is scored, floured, baked and then packaged before being collected at around 6am for delivery to the shops.

Cakes & Pastries

A wide range of cakes and pastries are produced at the bakery. Fancies, doughnuts, butteries, and many more. While witnessing a morning's work at the bakery, it's amazing to see the amount of different tasks and the sheer variety of different products being made almost simultaneously.

Dough is rolled for bread rolls Butteries being cut Baker fours bread rolls before placing them on shelves for baking
Baker cutting dough Doughnut batter being mixed Freshly prepared dough