Fulmar flies over crashing waves, Shetland


Wildlife in Shetland

Shetland is to home to an abundance of plants & wildlife. Its rocky coastline attracts thousands of seabirds every year, and a vast range of marine life can be seen in the surrounding waters.
The dramatic scenery and light experienced in Shetland compliments the presence of such a plenitude of wildlife.

A puffin at sea, Shetland Islands Arctic tern flying over the sea, Shetland Group of small birds on a pier, Shetland

Marine Life

Grey seals and harbour seals are a common sight along the beaches, coastline and in the harbours around Shetland. Otters can also spotted along the coast although they are much harder to spot. Throughout the year a variety of other marine life can be spotted such as orcas, dolphins, porpoise and whales.


Many species of birds can be seen around Shetland, especially in the summer months when large colonies of seabirds come to areas such as Hermaness, Noss, Fetlar and Sumburgh Head to breed. Shetland hosts some very large colonies of gannets, puffins, razorbills and guillemots.


Some interesting species of plants can be found in Shetland. Along the coast throughout summer one of the most prominent of plant species is the Sea Pink which covers many of the headlands. On Shetland's highest point Ronas Hill many of the plant species found here are similar to that found in arctic regions and on the Cairngorm plateau.

Shetland Pony's nose in the rain A group of seagulls on the coast, Shetland Colony of nesting gannets at Hermaness, Shetland