Scallop fishing photography

Scallops are fished throughout the year in the surrounding waters of Shetland. Small boats fish for the shellfish using a series of dredges which are towed along the seabed. The crew will periodically raise the dredges and empty the contents on to the deck to collect the scallops. Once ashore, the scallops are collected by companies for processing and resale as scallop meat.

Emptying the scallop dredges

Operating the winch

Scallop shells

Scallop vessel near Lerwick, Shetland

Close-up of a dredge

Collecting scallops


Emptying the scallop dredges

Baskets of scallops

Checking a scallop dredge

Collecting scallops off the deck of the boat

Collecting scallops

The scallop dredges being lifted out of the sea