While in Israel and Palestine, my work mainly focused on daily life in the West Bank under Israeli occupation.

Demonstration, Hebron

Ofer Prison

Israeli soldier firing

Weekly demonstration, Bil'in

Weekly demonstration, Bil'in

Palestinian funeral, near Hebron

Palestinian child injured by Israeli gun fire, Bethlehem

A demonstrator is detained, Ofer Prison

Masked gunman, near Hebron

Masked demonstrator TV interview, Nabi Saleh

Riot police, Hebron

Hamas anniversary, Nablus

Military training in Area C, Jordan Valley

Factory worker, Hebron

Victim of an attack by Israeli settlers, Hebron

Israeli military, Ofer Prison

Palestinian policeman, Hebron

Hamas anniversary, Hebron

Demonstration, Ramallah

The separation barrier at Qalandiya, near Ramallah

Masked demonstrator, Nabi Saleh

Closed Palestinian shops, Hebron

Demonstration, Nabi Saleh