Shetland wildlife photography

Shetland is home to an abundance of plants & wildlife. Its rocky coastline attracts thousands of seabirds every year, and a vast range of marine life can be seen in the surrounding waters. The dramatic scenery and light experienced in Shetland compliments the presence of such a plenitude of wildlife.

A puffin on the sea

Puffin at sea, Burra

Puffin with fish in its beak

Puffin with fish, Hermaness

Two puffins at sea

Puffins at sea, Boddam

Seagulls on rocks

Seagulls, Quarff

Arctic tern flying over water

Arctic tern, Burra

Fulmar flying over crashing waves

Fulmar, No Ness

A seal sleeping on the rocks

Sleeping seal, Quarff

Gannet flying over the sea

Gannet, Hermaness

A small bird on a rock

Turnstone, Levenwick

A whetear standing on a rock

Wheatear, North Roe

Small birds on a pier

Turnstones, Levenwick

Guillemot at sea

Guillemot, Levenwick

Puffin and sea pinks

Puffin, Sumburgh Head

Puffin flying with fish in its beak

Puffin flying with fish, Hermaness

A puffin sitting in the grass

Puffin, Sumburgh Head

Otter swimming in the sea

Otter, West Burrafirth

A seal on rocks above the sea

Seal, Quarff

A seal lying on a rock

Seal, Quarff

Colony of nesting gannets

Gannets, Hermaness

Bonxie (Great skua) flying above sea stacks

Bonxie (Great skua) flying near Ramna Stacks, Northmavine

Bonxie (Great Skua) in a field

Bonxie (Great Skua), Hermaness

A fulmar flying above stormy seas

Fulmar, No Ness