Stormy seas photography

Mostly taken around Shetland, these images capture dramatic weather and seas.

A wave crashing on a rock

Crashing wave, Scatness

Burra, Shetland

Stormy seas in front of a lighthouse

Sumburgh Head, Shetland

Stormy seas in front of cliffs

Garthsness, Shetland

Waves crashing over a small island

Dore Holm, Shetland

Dark clouds above an island

Foula, Shetland

Waves rolling in at Quendale beach on a windy day.

Quendale beach

Stormy seas and the cliffs at the Ness of Burgi

Hog of the Ness and Horse Island

Sun shining through the clouds over the coast of Burra

Looking south from Hamnavoe, Burra

Stormy seas and cliffs

Looking towards Hamnavoe, Burra

The cliffs at Houssness, Burra

Houssness, Burra

A fulmar flying above stormy seas

Fulmar, No Ness

Fulmar flying over crashing waves

Fulmar, No Ness